Yorkie Puppy 9 weeks old

Yorkie Puppy purebred 9 weeks old shots paperwork and the microchip,, please email or text me.





Looking to trade male, 2 yr. old Mexican Black Kingsnake. Looking for geckos or dart frogs.I have 15 pet rat babies, male and female that are approximately four weeks old. They can go to a new home in two weeks. Rats are social animals, so keeping at least two together is recommended.I have 2 female guinea pigs with cage and accessories to rehome and also 2 males with cage and accessories. One of the females is brown and white and she's around 2 yrs old with ruffled fur. She is pretty tame and comes up to you when you open the cage. Rehoming a Mille Fleur D'Uccle rooster.ISO snakes/lizards like red tail boas,ball pythons,iguanas,beardies, ect. 3 parakeets for rehoming. Comes with all supplies and cage.I have 4 slow feed dog bowls I'm selling. One holds 4 cups another holds up to 3 and the last 2 hold about 2 cups at a time.I have a female cobra blue tarantula. She is still pretty young about the size of your palm. She is an arboreal tarantula and part of the old world. the biggest one is male, will need a setup for him. the smaller one is ungendered as of yet, and comes w the baby tub it’s been in since it is not large enough for a real enclosure.Dog bowl for that fast eater. Comes with AKC registered pure bred border collie. Last one from my oops litter. Daddy was neutered yesterday. She has started leash training, is almost potty trained, both parents are health tested. She has been around other dogs and cats. We have a colony of 5 females and 1 make micro squirrels. The make is a pied and 1 female is. Which means they have white on them. For the 6 we would like 400 for rehoming. On 05/13/24 our newly adopted 10-year-old male cat escaped. He does not have a collar. He had been given up when his owner died two years ago. We adopted him then from a rescue, for my mother. My mother recently passed away and we adopted him at that time.This is a long shot but I have to try. Back in March of 2021 I lost a necklace in St. Mary's cemetery in Springfield. It wasn't expensive, but it was a gift from someone who has since passed away so it means the world to me.Found an Apple Watch in the street in the Rockwood neighborhood. Screen is broken - looks like it was run over by a car. Email me and describe to claim.

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